Once upon a time there was a group of theatrical technicians and actors who decided that, while they loved the theatre, they wanted to branch out and try something different.

After a lot of discussion of what they wanted to accomplish, and even more discussion of what to call the group once it formed, Stage Left Studios was born.


 “Stage Left Studios’ mission is to blend performing and technical arts together to educate, entertain, and enrich its audiences.”


The SLS team brings a wide array of skill sets to the table. Some of them enjoy acting, while some prefer the design side of things. Fundamentally, however, they all share a love for the creation and sharing of stories. Since coming together, they've searched for new ways to apply and expand their current skill sets to reach audiences outside of the theatre, while still holding dear to its roots. 

Educate. One of the biggest reasons we love theatre is because we believe plays have something to teach us. They engage our thinking on multiple levels,  and challenge us to look at the world in new ways. We desire the stories we produce at our studio to have these same qualities. 

Entertain.  Why tell stories?  Technically, to explain why things exist or are they way they are, at least according to the Greeks.  But they’re really about entertaining people.  That’s the first goal of any story.  A properly entertaining story lifts the spirit, and excites the audience in its telling.  If a story isn’t entertaining, then somebody’s doing something wrong.

Enrich.  The best theatrical works...the best stories are said to enrich their audiences—to hold a mirror up to reality, inviting us to embrace what it means to be human.  These tales enhance our lives and take root in us, showing up again and again throughout history.  There’s a reason we still do Shakespeare, right?  Or why we still read epics like the Odyssey in high school?  The good stories...they’re the things that stick with you.  And they impact every audience member in a magnificent way. 


Watch and read more about the stories we’re crafting on our Project page!  The hard part’s over.

Now all they need is an audience to chat with.