I Dream of Rocks

It has been a week since we’ve returned, and as I am categorically defined as: “The best smelling member of Stage Left Studios that did not attend RTX, or 4th best overall,” I’m going to do our post mortem on RTX from the outsider’s perspective.  So here are my thoughts as I received various tidbits and updates from on junior member field team.


1.     Relief: They made it and got set up successfully!

2.     How exciting, someone came up to the table claiming they’d already heard of us due to a mention on the Rooster Teeth Podcast a couple weeks prior. 

3.     I begin frantically listening to episodes trying to find the reference.

4.     Sounds like our promotional rocks are rather popular.

5.     Man, where is this darn reference to us.

6.     These rocks are reeeally popular.  Think how popular my first idea to give out SLS branded trash would have been.

7.     I begin to suspect that the podcast mention of us doesn’t exist.

8.     I wonder why someone would mislead us about that.

9.     Mystery solved: brilliant plant to boost podcast listening numbers by going around telling them they were mentioned at a vaguely defined time causing them to listen to numerous episodes.

10.  Decided we should adopt this strategy for our own, as of yet, unreleased podcasts.

11.  Things sound like they’re winding down. Wait, they went through all the rocks and are going to buy / create more.  Craziness.

12.  Now they have to wake up early for day two, suckers.

13.  We are beginning to have fans that aren’t required to tell us they like us due to the societal expectations of friends and family!

14.  Texans really like rocks.  I begin to wonder whether everyone moved to Texas because Texas had so many rocks or whether Texas has so many rocks because so many rock aficionados brought rocks with them.

15.  This sounds like a long day, my regret at not being able to come is countered and exceeded by the relief of my inner introvert.

16.  Sunday?? Is this still going?  And they had to buy MORE ROCKS? 

17.  Someone is interviewing our members besides me?  Oh good sirs at [name of interviewing place], it is on.  You think you’re special just because you have things like cameras, and microphones, and professional demeanor and charm with which to do your interviews?  Well you may have that, but I also have access, and somewhat adequate kerning.  So take this [place name], I have an upcoming exclusive with Joseph, well known as the J.D. Salinger of SLS.