Designing What the Emperor Didn't Wear

Last week was the final week of filming, so we’ve all been just relaxing, recovering from our ordeal, and sitting around eating bonbons.  Wait… I’m being told this was not the case… that we are all still working very hard… that instead of being able to film, a patch forced us to level all our characters to 11 in order to reequip their costumes… and furthermore that I knew this was the case… and am an a**hole for pretending otherwise and rubbing salt in the wound for comedic effect.

But moving on… so okay, we’re all still working hard.  And many of us will continue to work hard after filming is completely done doing post production work.   But we literally have one scene left to film as of the time of this writing, so at least the end is in sight.  Other than an across the board delay, there’s not terribly much to report.  Well, other than an encounter with a mysterious being by the name of “Max Snuggles.”  But unfortunately that moment was too magical to recapture with mere words.

 Also, as it turns out that new animator “Everett” was actually nothing but the result of some Fight Club-esque scenario Emily was living out.  So, needless to say Everett never joined us.  However, Emily has made a full recovery and has succeeded in being the subject of this week’s interview:

So Emily, if you were going to ask yourself an interview question what would it be, what what’s the answer?

"So Emily, do you mind if we eat chocolate throughout this interview?" and "Not at all! What type do you have?"

Fascinating, and if you were to ask yourself a second interview question, what would it be and…. Just kidding this interview is in real time!  Say something spontaneous Emily!


Also I will be randomly interjecting my prefabricated questions as appropriate in order to make myself look better.

I may or may not be eyeing the head of a chocolate bunny as we speak.

You have to eat the head first, to put them out of their misery.

This is true though, I once refused to eat a chocolate easter bunny from ages 3 to 6 because I felt bad for it.  My mom finally threatened to throw it out if I didn't eat it so I caved.

 As long as you eat their head first, they can't feel the pain. It's only a problem if they have really long ears.

Laura can probably help you with training for that.  She puts bunny ears in her mouth on a regular basis, and that is not a euphemism.

She just reenacted that for me.

But, what's your background?  And how do you apply your skills to our production of Hamlet?

 I began working on costumes for theatrical productions in high school, then continued studying theater in college.

 Coming from a theatrical background, we used the design process of research, discussions about themes and characters, and renderings of our final designs. From there, I used the game to create characters that reflected our take on the personalities in the play. Then I used in game currency to buy the armor pieces and dyes and create the outfits we wanted.


As a history major, which I know from our pre-interview available only to Stage Left Studios Premium subscribers, you know that history is written by the victors, and Daniel declined to tell the story of how you met.  Would you care to take advantage of this tactical error by telling the story in such a way as to portray him in the worst light possible?

Edited: I think my leaving him behind on the boat should tell you everything you need to know. 

Very thoughtful of him!  But I think we can agree that the morale of the story is that you can never atone for your past sins and a single bad deed marks you as a terrible person for life.

I think Jane Austen wrote a book about that...

I dunno... that sounds more like a theme for fan fiction rather than proper literature.

There are some fan fictions out there that are excellent novels in their own right.

By performing the initial sin of using someone else's characters without their consent, then writing a brilliant work with them but never being accepted because of your initial poor choice, you've sacrificed your own prestige in order to created a double themed meta work.  It's brilliant really.

But, before we digress too much, is there any other part of Hamlet you'd like to comment on?

I think I'll leave that to Max and Grant.

Very well, now, in order to attempt to undermine your self-worth, the remainder of the interview will consist of LoTRs trivia questions designed to make you fail, the slightest hesitation in answering will be construed as googling the answers and therefore a confession of being a fraudulent expert in fake history.

.....Bring it.

What does the name Glorfindel mean?

I hate you.


I should mention these are all the random bits of trivia I happen to have in my own head, and have not looked any of them up.  Unfortunately for you my mind latches on to stupid little fragments while forgetting most everything else.

But the correct answer is "Golden Haired."

Next up…

On a side note

Do you think the Balrog Slayer of Gondolin was also the friend who searched for Frodo along the road?

Trick question, the Balrog Slayer was from Bree.

And Trotter was a hobbit.

And hey, I'm the one answering the questions here and therefore my failure shall remain eternally hidden.

Answer away

Can you tell me how many Wizards there are?  Difficulty: you have to pretend you haven’t read any appendices or any of the Silmarillion or other bonus literature.

So... in reality 5 but based purely on the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings 3. Gandalf, Radagast and Saruman.

There is in fact, an incredibly brief reference to there being 5 wizards in Lord of the Rings proper.


When Gandalf is debriefing Saruman after his defeat, Saruman says something to the effect of accusing Gandalf of being power hungry and when would he been content, when he had all the rings of power and the staffs of the five wizards?  Or something to that effect.

it's doubly effective.


Also, to reference our previous conversation about Radagst, he is discussed quite a bit in the Council of Elrond.

And even shows up and talks to Gandalf for a bit no?  Though sadly I don't recall him having a sled pulled by giant rabbits.  Preferably chocolate one's with the heads bitten off.

That sounds more like a Blue wizard.

The next question is an essay question, in three parts.


What is the color of Tom Bombadill’s girdle? What’s the name of his pony!?  WHY IS HE SO AWESOME????

No girdle, I forget, and He's a representation of the power of nature that endures through the political and social upheavals of the book.

Green, Fatty Lumpkin, and "Because he sings like a boss." were the correct answers.

I stand corrected and admit my failure as a Tolkien scholar. Please excuse me while I tear out my eyes in shame.

Good good, so long as you can still cry from your eyeless sockets our mission will have been accomplished.

So you don't subscribe to the theory he's a Valar then?

I like the idea of him being a maiar.

I think that if he is a Valar it alters the story for me. The Valar are so remote from Middle Earth, and The Lord of the Rings is a story of humans, elves, dwarves and hobbits working together to save themselves and each other with guidance from Gandalf (a servant of the Valar and the closest they get to interfering).  But if Tom were a Valar and was so close to the suffering of the world and still held back it makes the Valar as a whole less empathetic and caring to me.

That’s a very interesting sentiment.


Anyway, that's all the questions I have, we can conclude with you embarrassing me with fair trivia questions until such time as you get bored.  This time is allowed to start now.

What day was Aragorn born?

On his birthday, duh.

March 1st, the same day he died 210 years later.

Name 10 names and titles Aragorn was called by.

Ummm, Aragon


Dunadane Commander

King of Gondor

Captain Sexypants

I think that was Mal.

Ummm, Alethas?  er... something elveny sounding.


It means hope.

hey, that's an anagram of what I said... minus some extra letters.

lol. You were close.

ummm... I'm sure someone in Rivendale called him Mellon at some point.


I can't even think of 10 wrong names

Aragorn II, son of Arathorn, Strider, Estel, Wingfoot, Thorongil, Elessar, King of Gondor, King of Arnor


What did Bilbo forget at Bag End?

There's something tickling the back of my mind suggesting a faint awareness of this somewhere, but I don't think I'm going to be able to dig it up, so I'm going to instead be glib and say "to lock the door?"

Was that you bonding with our small hero?



What was your favorite part of the Hobbit move as it should have been made in your imagination?


Wait... so you mean like if I was making the movie in my head what would my favorite part have been?


or which scene would I have redone to make better in my head?

The former

I think the conversation between Bilbo and Smaug, I always loved that.  One of the better parts of the actual movie too.

it's been a good while since I read the hobbit though, so quite possible I'm forgetting something quite cool.

That was a very cool scene

Alas, it grows late and I must retire.

Woooo saved by the bell

 er... the human need to sleep, which has many bell like qualities.

lol. it has been fun!

Quite so, you have yourself a lovely evening!

you too!