The Tech Week Cometh

This concludes this blog’s literary interpretation, and marathon performance of John Cage’s 4’33”. As popular as this segment was, for budgetary reasons, we have decided to replace it with lowly and dull status updates; our apologies.

Thursday marks the beginning of our month long crunch period and members are preparing themselves in a variety of fashions: some members are scheduling time off from their day jobs, others are creating strategic sass reserves, while a few traditionalists are simply turning to methamphetamines.   But before we spend too much time dreading the horrors to come, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the previous week.

The previously week was relatively uneventful, due largely to the members of our merry trope that are enrolled in various sources of higher education being largely preoccupied.  However, we did have some highly amusing sessions of Max playing the animator’s version of whack-a-mole.  This entailed him trying to stop characters on three different computers from being booted from the pvp server for idling while simultaneously shooting the scene, as illustrated below.

In other news Emily has brought on board a new animator to help with the crunch, so everyone extend a warm welcome to Everett.  On the one hand I know nothing about him, on the other this blank slate allows me to hold him in higher regard than every other member of our studio.

Finally I’d like to announce a series of interviews with the four founding members of stage left studios.  The interviews will occur in alphabetical order, which conveniently also happens to exactly correlate with their objective worth as human beings.  Don’t worry, as part of blogger / subject confidentiality I’m not allowed to reveal whether it’s a direct or inverse correlation.  I mean, to their faces anyway.