I'm Just Joshin' You

Hamlet continues to be released on schedule.  There has been a production delay in the blog wing of our studio, but that group is full of unsavory types so we won't discuss it here.  In the mean time, here's your chance to get to better know Josh!


One peon interviewed and a… um, second peon interview stands before our very eyes. There are those who said this day would never come, what are they to say now? But that’s not your first interview question. Because you’re so much better than that.  You deserve something deep personal and caring.  So tell us, what are the skills that you’ve learned from engineering that you’ve applied to your life in general to make yourself so wonderful?

Well, I would probably have to say that being taught to think like an engineer has helped me think with both creativity and practicality. It's the extraordinary ideas that spark great things, but in order for them to come to fruition, one must always acknowledge their constraints. 


I’ve been told you are a big fan of apple products.  Please explain what your favorite apple products are and why.  But use the various types of apples (the fruit) as a metaphor.  Make no attempt to explain the metaphor.  You know what, you can explain the metaphor if you want.  In fact, you can answer an entirely different question if you want.  Go ahead pick one of your choosing.

I have always loved the original iPod. I don't think Apple has come up with as revolutionary of a design since the iconic click wheel. Its simultaneous functionality and simplicity surpassed that of any other MP3 device's form of input during that period. My iPod Classic will always carry more sentimental value than any of my iPod touches, iPhones, or iPads. It’d be my preferred fresh granny smith of Apple products. If I had to pick a second favorite Apple product, it would be my iPhone 5. This one is much more related to the red delicious variety. You often see it depicted more than any other Apple product. Doesn’t necessarily make it the best though.


So when your schedule actually gives you a little time, what sort of things do you do for Stage Left Studios?  Why is the work you’re able to do in this restricted time window so much better and more valuable than those members who donate enormous quantities of their free time to the project and tend to go by their middle names?

When I did have the free time, I was an animator for several scenes in Hamlet. I also plan on set-building in an upcoming project. If I had to really say why my time is "better," perhaps I'm the force that cancels out the extremely left and right-brained individuals on the team...?


 Here’s another fun metaphor game.  Design custom Starbucks drinks to represent the other members of Stage Left Studios.  Let me get you started.  Take the beans that you accidentally over roasted and ended up burning.  Then you meant to throw them away, but they were put in a nook and forgotten about for half a decade.  But then someone took the can out and started using it as a spittoon for a couple months.  Then, an employee who had gone mad because everything in his life was a crushing disappointment, made the spittoon contents into a frappe.  That would be Max, for example.  How would you do the rest?  There is no need to redo the given example!

As long as I don't have to recreate that rather complex example. Hmm... 

Max - Triple Grande Nonfat Upside Down Vanilla Macchiato

 Daniel - 1/4 Decaf Triple Ristretto Grande Soy Double-Blended Light Whip 1 1/2 Splenda Caramel Frappuccino Light 

 Grant - Trenta Light Water No Ice Cool Lime Refresher

 Emily - Grande No Water Light Ice Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher

 Felisha - Grande Cinnamon Dolce Soy Plus Cinnamon Dolce Topping Chai and Cream Frappuccino

 Soren – Grande No Whip Café Vanilla Frappuccino, Affogato Style

 Josh – Grande-In-A-Venti-Cup Plus Banana Vanilla Bean Frappuccino

 Rob – Triple Plus Caramel Drizzle Espresso Con Panna, Affogato Style

 Laura – Venti Sweetened Light Ice Passion Tango Tea Lemonade

 Vincente – Iced Grande Toffee Nut Plus Caramel Drizzle Mocha


 Which of our upcoming projects are you most excited for?  Be sure to redact yourself heavily so that nothing is accidentally announced.  But don’t let that stop you from first writing a bunch of detail before blacking it out!

 I am most excited for the [REDACTED] story we are producing with [REDACTED], and the fact that we are [REDACTED] it into a [REDACTED]. I think this will offer a lot more [REDACTED] than our experiences with Guild Wars 2, for we can [REDACTED] as far as scenes go, and [REDACTED] is going to be a much more enjoyable experience, for we have [REDACTED] that [REDACTED] each character. Also, did I mention that we don’t have to [REDACTED]?


 Engineer the most efficient set of wishes you could use to circumvent the wish rules given by the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin. 

Wish for a room with two people, as shown in the following figure:

 2.  Wish for a machete to appear where the “X” is, approximately 30 feet above the rightmost person.

3. About 3 seconds after this wish occurs, Genie will realize that he contradicted his first rule (killing someone), which will force him to rewind time and effectively bring this person back from the dead. When resuming time, wish for the rightmost person to be attracted to all of the properties that the leftmost person just so happens to possess. This will force the rightmost person to walk to the left towards the leftmost person, asking them out and ultimately avoiding the falling machete. You’ll probably piss off Genie at this point, but just offer him some coffee, and it’ll be all good.