Japanese Rabbit Onomatopoeia and Currency

Well, news has sort of reached a plateau.  Episodes are being released on a tri-weekly basis, and we’re gradually building publicity.  As such, the remainder of this week’s column will consist of me banging on my keyboard, and then seeing what it transforms into when run through Word’s spell and grammar checks and then my proofreader.


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And now, an interview with our very own Felisha Nguyen.


You're the first of us poor peasant level members to be interviewed.  Would you care to speak some truth to power, get the proletariat to rise up and all that before we get started?

Wooo peasants! Do you hear the people sing! The blood of angry men! STUFF! … I’m not very good at being rebellious. I’m kind of a pansy. Maybe you should have interviewed someone else first, someone daring and… rebellious.


So how did you first come to fall under the sway of this particular group of corrupt capitalist overlords and robber barons?

Well, two of these crazy kids are two of my best friends from high school (Grant and Daniel), and the other two (process of elimination leaves Max and Emily)—believe it or not—were in a fraternity I was in while in college. And then, they asked me to join up and goddammit I can never say no. PLUS I MEAN I LIKE THEM AND STUFF.


What attracted you to the field of publicity?  Does the field of publicity have good publicity?  How did the very first publicist get into the field without anyone to attract them to it?

I actually hate publicity. The field of publicity has simultaneously bad publicity and good publicity. Bad because it has the rep of being pushy and good because everyone seems to think that marketing is going to make them bank and stuff. It might. I don’t know. Because I actually hate it. I just somehow manage to get into it at every turn because I know how to use Photoshop. As for the first publicist, the only answer is that they must have been a masochist because publicity is hard, son.


What are some of the tools and methods you've been using to get the word out for Hamlet so far?

I’ve made some posters for print and some banners to put our brand all over the internet. You know, like graffiti. Wicked, Shakespearean graffiti. Made with a computer. Can you imagine Shakespeare being a graffiti artist?


When you do publicity for Hamlet do you ever feel like one of those evil people that put poison in Halloween candy?  You know, since you're trying to trick people into consuming a terrible and nauseating product?

I feel like a pushy asshole no matter what I’m publicizing. But if it’s poison, I must be like a sadist or something because I really like making the poison. Making stuff is fun. I like that part of publicity. And come on, the product’s only nauseating if you get motion sick easily, like me. I watch our scenes a bit at a time, or else I might throw up on my computer and that’s just gross. Then how would I make more poison?

 And because we are human members with lives, depth and a range of emotions, unlike the monolithic and godlike founders, what sort of things do you do for fun unrelated to SLS?

Well, my partner and I recently got Sims 3, so we currently don’t exist to the world. Other than that, I make websites for artists, which I find ridiculously enjoyable.

 (Peasants, down with the gods! Actually don’t, because they’re my friends and I like them )))): )

 And finally, any advice you'd like to give to people seeking to gain some attention for their own pet projects?

Talk about it a lot. Tell all your friends and family because they’re going to be the ones who actually care first. Ask them to spread the word, and if you can go viral, go for it, but uh, virality tends to be something that just falls out of the sky. Must be those gods. Figure out who your demographic is and find the best ways to reach them so you can properly allocate your time and effort.


And pray to the gods.