Rob Burr, Barren

We are coming up to the home stretch.  But my schedule is a bit full at the moment, so allow me to present a pretext free entry, and submit to you our staples.  Interview and comic:


So Rob, you're the only real member of the crew to be specialized. Those others members of the team who only performed a single job did so in what might be described as a part time capacity. One might be able to describe you as the anti-Max. How does it feel to have been honed into a razer sharp scaple of animating power?

What.  What is happening.  I didn't kill Max.  You'll never convict me. I definitely didn't murder him with a RAZOR. or a SCALPEL.


Despite whatever petty answer you've just given, we all know you're ashamed and torn up inside about being confined to a single meager and pathetic job. However, I can offer you a solution. You may be credited right now for any work for the blog you do in this interview. You could illustrate the comic, even gather a large collection of thumbnail art so I stop grabbing images at near random, or give me money to earn a producer credit. If you want you can even edit the blog post. I mean, technically I already have an editor, but it would be nice to mix it up and get one who's competent and not, you know, emphatically racist. So you on board?

 Well now that my work has been called meager and pathetic, how could I possibly refuse? This summer's no good for time heavy tasks though.  I'm overloaded as hell.  Could do some editing if you shoot some text my way, but I can't commit to hours and hours of stuff at this time between work and class.


How did you first meat your fellow Stage Left Studios cohorts? Also, if the previous question now reads "meet" rather than "meat" when I get these questions back, you've just earned yourself an editor credit.

 My first opportunity to meat my fellow cohorts was when I made sausage links out of Max Kr- NOPE, NOT GETTING A CONFESSION, B*****S. I did meet Daniel at AHS.  He is the first to be exposed to the ROB.


As animator in chief, what games do you feel are best suited for rendering Shakespearing Machinima?

 For real, check out it is the bomb. TF2 could be fun for some smaller works (very small cast there, but RED v. BLU could make for some easy to see Romeo and Juliet... no girls though.  We can be progressive.  Romeo and Julio.)  Dota 2 has a wide cast of characters and is awesome so there. For f***** sake, there is a GHOST KING. WOULDA MADE HAMLET'S PAPPY EASY.


 Make a case for a hero other than Meepo requiring the highest levels of micro skill in the game.

 Meepo you just spam tab and repeat your actions.  Invoker you gotta memorize FORMULA.  And do it on the FLY in BATTLE. Invoker is hard as S***. Those balls aren't magic, they are nerdy, needy minions.


Do you feel that as the Anti-Max, your success and responsiveness as an animator stems from having a lower base attack speed?

 Max has a high base attack speed? Explains why it was so easy to ki-NOPE, NOT THIS TIME.


How many of these questions do you think I'll have to ask before everyone figures what it is we're talking about?

 You'll never find the body.