Soren, Squared

Another week passes is the wretched doldrums of having actual content videos to release eclipsing the far more spectacular content reporting content.  But fear not, because I will continue to guide you dear readers through these dark times with yet another interview.  Have you all rid yourselves of fear and prepared yourselves for the glory of an interview with our own Laura Tappan?  Good, now reinsert all the fears into your body.  Laura has declined to be interviewed for the time being.  And I’m not saying you should disrespect my love’s wishes for privacy by harassing, cajoling, and flat out telling her how badly you all would love to hear from her… But I will post this classic meme for no particular reason.


So instead, this week you shall hear from my other true love: me.


SOREN PRIME: So, you’ve got two primary choices when going for self-interview jokes, act creepily in love with yourself, or inordinately belligerent to yourself.  You got a favorite you’re leaning towards?

SOREN ACTUAL:  Well, I’m glad you started with that question because I want you to know that I’m limiting this entire discussion to meta self-interview questions.  The reason being that going into the actual self-interview would constitute a violation of our sacred alphabetical order prime directive.  But to answer your question, transitioning from one to the other is usually best.

SOREN PRIME:  I see, wouldn’t that mean that no one else can be interviewed until Laura has been.

SOREN ACTUAL: While functionally, that very likely will be the case, it is not technically true.  For instance, we could obtain a new member that falls between Josh and Laura alphabetically.

SOREN PRIME: So… I don’t know any more meta self-interview questions, what else should I ask you?

SOREN ACTUAL:  Poor form.  Asking me about what you should ask me for our pre self-interview interview on self-interviews is not meta, but meta-meta.  And you should know that it is offensive.  Not as offensive as a holocaust joke, but as offensive as it is to inappropriately compare something’s offensiveness to a holocaust joke holocaust.

SOREN PRIME:  Gosh, okay fine, we’ll stick with basic, do you want to make out?

SOREN ACTUAL: No, dangit, that’s the kind of thing that goes in the actual self-interview.  You’ve gone meta-meta to sans meta of any kind.  Are you incapable of finding a middle ground man?

SOREN PRIME: Okay. Okay.  I got it.  What would help make me more regular in regards to being meta?

SOREN ACTUAL:  Well there are a number of things you can do, it’s not hard, you just have to use the medium to comme…


SOREN ACTUAL:  Wow, so this entire thing was just a ruse to set up something that’s not only a terrible pun, but obliquely qualifies as a poop joke.  Glad to see you’ve sunk to a new low.

SOREN PRIME:  I do my best.