At long last we conclude our great our final crew member, so behold, the man, the legend, the Vicenterview!

So Vicente, in the spirit of your being the composer, combined with the fact that this is the internet; please tell us how you got involved in this project via modified Fresh Prince of Bel Air lyrics.

Now, this is the story all about howMy life got flipped-turned upside downAnd I'd like to take a minute, just sit right thereI'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Charlottesville.In mexico i was born but not raisedOn construction sites is where I spent most of my daysChillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool

And all shootin' some nails so walls wouldn't fall like a fool...


When a couple of guys who were up to no goodStarted takin' jobs like they shouldI lost one little finger and my boss got scaredAnd said, "You're leavin my job site before you sue me.. "I begged and pleaded with him the other dayBut he packed my suitcase and sent me on my wayhe gave me a wrench and then he gave me my ticketI put my Walkman on and said, "I might as well kick it!"First class, yo this is badDrinkin' orange juice out of a champagne glassIs this what the people of Charlottesville are livin' likeHmmm, this might be alrightBut wait, I hear they're prissy, bourgeois and all thatIs this the type of place that they should send this cool cat?I don't think so, I'll see when I get thereI hope they're prepared for the prince of CharlottesvilleWell, uh, the plane landed and when I came outThere was a dude look like a cop standin' wavin' my name outI ain't tryin' to get arrested yet, I just got hereI sprang with the quickness like lightning, disappearedI whistled for a cab and when it came nearThe license plate said fresh and had a dice in the mirrorIf anything I could say that this cab was rareBut I thought, nah forget it, yo home to CharlottesvilleI pulled up to the house about seven or eightAnd I yelled to the cabby, "Yo homes, smell you later"Looked at my kingdom, I was finally there

To sit on my throne as the prince of Charlottesville...

Ok so that explained nothing I just wanted to rap that out loud. It was fun try it out.. In reality I've known Max since my 1st year at Uva and we didn't really get close until he was my production stage manager one semester. My last year at Uva he returned to worn as staff. He would mention his project in bits and finally I found a way to mix both my independent study and his project into one. I was a little low on my college credits so i was biting nails trying to figure out how to graduate. I am glad glad though I got on board. It really challenged me as a musician. 

And, as the last person to be interviewed, what are your thoughts and feelings on the tyranny of alphabetical order?

I believe you did a great job Soren leaving the best for last. 

Do you have a favorite song that you composed for Hamlet?  Or is that sort of like asking you who your favorite child is?  And by that I mean; do you feel compelled to say you love them all equally, but we all know you really love the one that came first the most?  With the obvious exception of people who were an only child, as they are universally unloved, both by their families and by society at large.

Haha umn Soren when was the last time you called your parents? I say give them a call tonight. Well if its possible. I do secretly have a favorite one. (Just don't tell the others..) I really like the songs I composed for Ophelia. I couldn't get over how easily I could switch from a sweet, feel good song into an eerie uncomfortable song.  

Remember those times you had to help out and animate things?  How low and scummy did you feel?  Do you pity those whose sole job is animation, or are you simply filled with disgust of them?

I couldn't have more respect for the animators. I mean yes there were tedious points but doesn't most jobs come with tedious tasks that are necessary for the project? I would like to say though I was flawless in my death scenes. 

What sorts of things do you like to do when you’re not working for Stage Left Studios?

Well the end of the project sort tied with my graduation. I spent most of my free time looking for jobs and other ways to bring in income. I still am on that path. The sad road of a college graduate.. But when I'm not feeling bad for myself I am playing music around town. I have joined about 3 different bands only as the drummer though. Its what they needed.

I’ve asked most everyone else what future project they’re looking forward too while not being allowed to talk about it.  But, since you’ve had to wait till last, I’m going to make it easier on you?  What’s your favorite completed SLS’s project?

Well I think i am hugely bias but I love the music in this hamlet machinima. So I think I would pin this one as my favorite. By the way do you know who composed those? I'd love to meet the man.