Lokisian Ascension: Chapter 2

Like our first lesson in use of console, the next lesson was also born out of necessity.  In this case the necessity was to get the world’s most stupid-faced-evil-uncooperative-son-of-a-lovecraftian-horror of an actor to cooperate.  But for short, we call him a five letter word that starts with “b.”  That’s right, you guessed it, “Boris!”

The astute among you may notice a dog lurking in the background of our first poster.  This is because one of the characters in our production is an AI controlled dog.

Filming scenes with Boris was, initially, very awkward.  Because wolves can’t be controlled directly, they will just (sort of) follow their owner or toggle sit/stand while being interacted with.  This meant that one of the other actors would have to perform an odd pivot to sit/stand Boris after/before a walking shot.  Additionally, Boris would frequently take an overly long period of time to start moving and often found himself greatly lagging behind the other actors.  After brainstorming a bit and going on indefinite number of spirit journeys, a solution to this problem occurred to me.  We could make a player invisible to lead Boris around, thus letting Boris appear to sit and stand of his own will, and allow another actor to preempt movement to try and get Boris moving in a more timely fashion.

The first attempt to implement this idea began with the use of invisibility potions.  However, as it turns out, our evil directors apparently have a problem with mysterious spirally particle effects capriciously floating through our shots.  So, back to the console commands it was!  As it turns out, not only can you implement all the status effects granted by potions, you can adjust their duration, intensity, and most importantly, can turn off particle effects.

After discovering practical uses, such as invisibility.  Or night vision when trying to work in poorly lit areas.  I also discovered there are all sorts of fun things you can do to people by forcing particle effects upon them.  Here are a few of my favorites:

·       If someone is trying to perform precision building tasks.  Give then maximum intensity haste.

·       Apologize to that person and promise to stop doing that.  Then as soon as they go back to work, give them blindness.

·       Hope Stockholm syndrome sets in.

·       Stockholm syndrome fails, beg for mercy as you fall under the threat of violence.

·       Assist person with night vision, as shooting taking place elsewhere in the realm requires night time, thus earning forgiveness.