Lokisian Ascension Chapter 3

When production of our set first began, we not only constructed the buildings and scenery that would be used in shooting, we also began construction of a vast underground minecart transportation network in order to expedite getting to the various biomes and set locations we would later need to shoot in.  Shortly after discovering the fill command, Max decided to go out of his way to render this project a colossal waste of time by discovering the teleport or /tp command.

This tyrannical reign of convenience had a couple of unfortunate side effects.  First it shattered our alliance with the National Model Railroad Association.  Second, we mourned the fact that we hadn’t started doing it earlier.  Third, as primary Boris handler at the time, I began a project to see if I could use this to allow Boris to be easily returned to his exact location when a shot required multiple takes.  That is to say, the vast majority of the time.  I first discovered that if the dog was in the standing position, and his master teleported to a specific coordinate, the dog would teleport consistently to an adjacent coordinate.  But it was not always entirely clear which adjacent coordinate this would be, and so was impractical for returning the dog to a precise set of coordinates as much trial and error had to be performed first.

After performing some research on how to teleport things besides people, I stumbled on to the @e (the all entities) operator.  So one night when filming was not scheduled I surreptitiously snuck onto our server to and tried an experiment.  I teleported all entities to a specific coordinate.  I thought this would include something along the lines of all the wildlife I was presently looking at.  As it turns out it includes not only all wildlife and players in the currently active area of the world, it includes things like mine carts and picture frames.  Having summoned a vast army of critters and garbage to the center of the Hoboken set, I quickly flew a little way outside of town and summoned everything into a nearby tree.  Figuring I’d solved the problem, and the critters would naturally disperse to normal concentration levels, I signed off.

A few days later during filming, a perplexed sounding Josh wondered why there was an inordinately high number of mine carts and chickens in a tree not far outside of town.  Abandoning Josh to an eternal and agonizing purgatory of being moderately perplexed, I resumed research the next evening.  I was then to discover that @e could be restricted to a specific type entity by using [type=*TypeName*] or what I wanted [type=Wolf].  Doing this, I succeeded in teleporting only wolves to a specific set of coordinates!  An outcome that could then be modified to teleporting only Boris through a dusting of wolf genocide.  And for demonstrating great valor in the service of Boris wrangling, Max awarded me the SLS medal of honor, along with a coupon good for being up to five minutes late to a single filming call without receiving a status gauging text message.