The RTX Diaries 2015: The Aftermath - #FreetheFreeRocks

After finally releasing the free rocks back into their natural habitat (adding that we’re truly saving rock-lives, freeing these rocks from the confines of their department store prisons of Michael’s and Amazon’s magic, mythical warehouses), the team attempts to settle back into a life of normalcy.

...except not really, because Max and Daniel just moved to the DFW!!!  What up?!...very warm Texas heat?  Oh, dear zonkburgers, it’s hot.  It’s excruciatingly hot.  Is this a thing?  Is this a thing that happens here?  I don’t know if I like this.  Ow.  Owwwwww.  Ginger no likey. 

The rest of RTX was a fantastic success.  Great feedback and interest from all around, and we successfully weirded out the small number of people who didn’t dig our pitches/rocks.  We avoided the BBQ packets and shame, and met a fantastic bunch of other devs and guys.  Quick shout outs to:

Koala Tea Animation-

Carbyne Studios-

Descendent Studios-

Black Ice/Super Duper Garrett Cooper-

Wes Lewis-

It was so cool to meet you all (as well as everyone else) and check out your stuff!  Here’s hoping the rest of your development goes superbly!  Can’t wait to play them.

Carbyne Studios, listed above, actually thought we were interesting enough to interview. While I might not be sure why, you can check it out on their YouTube page, along with the rest of their interviews from RTX, gameplay videos, and other amazing content.   I highly encourage checking them out if you have yet to do so!  Thanks, guys!

But yeah...while there was significantly less comedy had during the second phase of our “first time,” the fun and excitement of the show floor only increased.

From the bottom of our hearts, our deepest and humblest thanks go out to Rooster Teeth and all of the staff who put their hearts into RTX 2015, the amazing Guardians (Manny!), and especially the fans that actually validated our crazy idea that rocks were good convention swag.  Seriously.  Thank you all for watching our stuff and giving support to our crazy projects.  We hope you will continue to enjoy them.  We’ve got a lot of stuff planned for the horizon. 

And Pro Tip: Best way to make quick friends with the hotel barista staff is to give them free rocks.  All of the free rocks.  Did I mention we still had to buy more rocks the second night?  We didn’t paint those.  We couldn’t have.  Our bodies literally would have been dead at the booth the next day.  That would be more off-putting than pleasant.  Although I guess there still would have been rocks...