Some Miner Announcements

This epoch’s blog post was supposed to be an interview with Hoboken’s composer one Joseph Schefer.  But he was unavailable for interview due to being delayed at that international foal drowning convention.  So instead, we’re going to have to suffice with a bit of miner filler news instead. [note to the editor, misspelling of “minor” was an intentional bit of word play given our production is about people who mine things, do not alter] [note to editor, due to lack of real news to report please leave in notes to editor to help fill in the blog post with fluff.]

                  So the first bit of trivial news I have to report is that last Friday, July 31st, we released the first episode of Hoboken’s Heroes. [Note to the editor, while posting this blog post, we may want to take down the coming soon sign on the Hoboken’s Heroes page] [Editor's note to the author, I have already done so]

                  In other news I have dispatched the three junior members of Stage Left Studios to the drudgery of presenting our products at Rooster Teeth eXpo.  So if you happen to live in the area, and own a time machine, please take a break from crawling our blog archive to receive a complimentary rock and say “Hi” to Daniel, Emily, or Max!