Why does your arrow point to the right when you’re Stage Left Studios?

It’s not pointing to the right! Well...okay, fine.   It is.  But we find ourselves thinking in stage directions a lot—stage left, stage right, upstage, downstage, etc—and in stage directions, you always go by the perspective of the actor on stage. Therefore, in this metaphor, you sitting at your computer are the audience, and we looking at you from inside your monitor are the actors. From our perspective, the arrow totally points to the left. The text is backwards though.  Just...don’t pay attention that.

 What do you guys do?

Basically...we make da stuffz cuz we likes it and derp.  Officially, we build machinima films and web shows for the internet, cramming together our mutual love for theatre, film, and video games.  We find the challenges presented by making a machinima to be both exhilarating and fun on every level, and we hope you enjoy watching our work just as much.  Keep up to date with what we’re doing on our Facebook, Twitter, and Blog!

 Can I help you with [project]?

We're always willing to entertain guests and see if they’re people with applicable skills, especially if you know someone who's worked with us in the past. Drop us a line and we'll see what we can do to indoctrinate you!  It’s a totally harmless and genuinely fun process, although we do miss our families.

I have this great idea for [project]! Can I send it to you?

You’re always welcome to shoot us an e-mail at contact@StageLeftStudios.com with feedback, suggestions, vague ideas, synopses of plays, funny pictures, and links to music you think we might like. However, we can’t always respond to everything, either because we don’t always have time or because the e-mail ocelots sometimes choose to keep the best ideas or funniest pictures for themselves without sharing them. Dang ocelots...

 I have a question that’s not listed here! What should I do?!

Q.  Shoot us an e-mail at contact@StageLeftStudios.com. We enjoy talking to people, and would likely welcome the break. But beware the ocelots; they’ve been known to keep questions from us too. The hazards of using jungle cats as e-mail custodians.