Max Krembs: Producer

Max Krembs is one of the four founders of Stage Left Studios. In another life, he works as a sound designer and a sound engineer for theatre, putting together microphones, speakers, and sound effects, making loud noises, and calling it art. In his work with Stage Left Studios, he has found himself doing all manner of technical and managerial work including editing footage, recording voice overs, and keeping the studio organized. His favorite animals are foxes, though since beginning to manage the Stage Left website, he has also become quite partial to ocelots.

Daniel Prillaman: Artistic Director

daniel square.png

Daniel Prillaman is an actor, writer, and director from Charlottesville, Virginia.  He is the ginger founder, meaning he often resides on the receiving end of kicks and general anti-merriment.  When not slaving away his “soul” to Stage Left, he enjoys game nights, Netflix sessions, and debating the precise meaning of semiotics.  He also enjoys biscuits.  Biscuits are spectacular.  He graduated from the University of Virginia in 2013 with a BA in Drama.  When the end of days is nigh and he finally finishes making his personal website, the link will be below.  Until that time, enjoy this picture of a tiny, tiny moose. 

Emily Price: Associate Producer

Emily Price is one of the four founders of Stage Left Studios. In her real life, she keeps actors from being naked onstage doing wardrobe, designing, and stitching for theater. She graduated from UVa in 2012 with a BA degree in History and Drama. For Stage Left, she specializes in character-costume design and procurement, website management, note-taking, and ocelot feeding. Emily’s other interests include baking, expanding her knowledge of the history of Middle Earth, and watching Tangled. She will be hosting a birthday/deathday party for Aragorn on March 1st. Details (and pictures) to follow. 

Grant Collins: Literary Manager

Grant headshot.jpg

Grant Collins currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and is one of the four founders of Stage Left Studios. He graduated from in Elon University in 2013 with a degree in acting and a minor in sociology. Some of his favorite roles as an actor include George Tessman in Hedda Gabler, Nick in Dark Play: Or Stories for Boys, and A.P. in Columbinus. At Stage Left Studios, Grant does voice over work for the Machinima Shakespeare Project, as well as research and writing for the Intermission videos. In his free time, Grant likes to pretend he’s a sea otter and go swimming naked in large rivers. He has been arrested several times for indecent exposure.

Soren Nilson: Community Manager


Soren is remarkable, as he is not only the least alphabetical of all the founders, he is also the least… foundy.  Soren first came to Stage Left Studios via being in the vicinity of an animator, when yet another animator was having technical difficulties.  He was thus tasked with stepping up and playing a minor roll and tasked with not trying to screw up too bad.  Soren, having had copious experience screwing things up in a specifically, “no too badly,” fashion, soon thrived.  Having no proper: theater, writing, marketing, business, financial, technical, or graphical, training to speak of, Soren was soon promoted to founder in order to dilute Stage Left’s Talent pool and thus prevent it from becoming too successful too quickly.  To this day his incompetence helps guarantee a slow, steady, and sustainable level of growth for Stage Left.

Felisha Nguyen: Graphic Designer

Felisha Nguyen, current graphics lady for Stage Left's Hamlet publicity, currently resides in Roanoke, VA, with her partner/handler. She spends most of her time trying to be productive, coordinating events for a local community center, designing websites for artists, and creating a life with aforementioned partner/handler. She graduated from the University of Virginia in 2013 with degrees in Arts Administration and Studio Art. Her current life's aspiration is to adopt a couple cats. 

Joseph Schefer: Composer

Joseph likes banging things together to make sound things. In reality, he is the composer and occasional animator for Hoboken's Heroes! With lovely pieces like "Generic Hoboken Music Mkl" and "Do You Wanna Find a Sidi?", Joseph aims to add a bit of humor to this otherwise humorless bunch of... lovely people. When not writing various pieces of music, he is a sound designer and engineer currently working on *insert super prestigious/awesome project here*. He also blames Max for dragging him into this confounded adventure.