They said it was madness to combine video games and Shakespeare.  Well, nobody said that...actually.  But Shakespeare’s works have been restaged and adapted to many art forms since they were first penned 400 years ago.  Now, for the first time (to our knowledge), we present the first machinima adaptation.  Check out our first installment in our mission to adapt Shakespeare’s canon for the internet gaming age.  Hamlet, uncut, set in Arena Net's Guild Wars 2©.

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Growing up is hard, especially when you live in a town with a name longer than a complicated dinosaur and you’re vaguely somewhere between the ages of 12 and 15.  But you know what’s even harder?  It’s figuring out what to do when the entire population of your town is kidnapped by a mysterious Team Rocket parody.  Meet Sebastian Cooper.  This is just one of his problems.  Welcome to the twisted, fabricated fantasy land of blocks that is Hoboken’s Heroes, set in Microsoft Corporation’s and Mojang AB’s Minecraft.  It’s a coming of age story!  We think.